19 Blog Topic Ideas For Health & Wellness eCommerce Brands

updated on 21 May 2021
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At this point, there should be no doubt that content marketing can help every business. Content marketing is a reliable way to build an organic customer base and increase brand awareness.

While there was an initial reluctance in the healthcare sector towards adopting content marketing, it has caught on fast. Almost 83% of healthcare organizations use content marketing and the ones that do not are planning to do so in the near future. 

Although content marketing in health and wellness is a broad term that covers various forms of content, blogs are the best way to reach out to more customers while adding value to their experience. 

However, coming up with new blog ideas can be tiring. If you are stuck and need fresh health and wellness blog topics, then here are some ideas to consider. 

1) How To Eat Healthy During Holidays

Holidays are notorious for derailing most diets and causing an increase in weight. With various holiday foods that can tempt tastebuds and test people's resolve to eat healthily, many struggle with how to eat healthy during the holidays. You can make a holiday specific piece and post it for the holidays.   

2) X Foods That Improve Your Immunity

With the prevalence of many infectious diseases, people are constantly looking for ways to improve their immunity. There is also an increased awareness that certain foods can boost immunity. You can use this health and wellness blog post to point them in the right direction. 

3) How To Manage Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, etc. are commonplace. A majority of the population either already has some form of lifestyle disease or is at risk of getting one. You can help them manage the condition with informative health and wellness articles.    

4) X Workouts You Can Do At Home

While working out at the gym is great, many do not find the time to make it to the gym. However, this shouldn't deter them from staying active. You can suggest home workouts that do not need any equipment.  

5) How Long Should You Workout?

Avid fitness enthusiasts might have no trouble in getting in an hour or two of workout every day, but this might seem too much for busy professionals who just want to stay active. You can create health and wellness articles that suggest the ideal workout length for various people, depending on their profession and age. 

6) Yoga Moves That Can Help You Get Better Sleep

Lack of sleep can impact various aspects of your health but certain yoga moves can help you relax and sleep better. You can enlighten your audience about the benefits of yoga for sleep in a health and wellness blog.

7) What Are Zero Calorie Foods? 

There are certain foods that require more calories to digest than the calories they provide. These can be filling snacks that help reduce weight.

8) How To Use Positive Affirmations To Boost Your Morale

Depression and anxiety have become increasingly common. Positive affirmations can go a long way in increasing self-confidence and giving a much-needed boost to self-confidence. You can write a how-to health and wellness blog post that guides readers on how to use them appropriately. 

9) Essential Stretches If You Sit All Day Long

With most jobs becoming sedentary, many suffer from a lack of flexibility and other ailments that arise from sitting for long hours. Stretches are a great way to relieve or prevent some of these issues.  

10) Why Dance Workouts Are The Best

Dance workouts are an excellent way to burn calories without it feeling like work. They are catching on fast. Since they are mostly in the form of group classes, they also help you stay motivated.   

11) Must-Have Clothes & Accessories In Your Workout Closet 

While the aim of working out is to stay fit, your customers deserve to look great while sweating it out in the gym. Most readers would love a recommendation of workout gear as a blog topic. You can even compare the most sought-after ones in the market.  

12) How To Develop A Healthy Morning Routine To Kickstart Your Day

A great morning can lead to an excellent day. Help your readers develop an awesome morning routine that can let them sail through the rest of the day and continue to be motivated to stay healthy through a post on your health and wellness blog. 

13) Interviews With Experts

Your readers would love to hear from experts regarding various topics. You can choose to interview experts who are relevant to your specialization. Interviews are unique and your readers cannot find this type of healthcare content marketing anywhere else.

14) Personal Stories By Patients/Customers

Everyone looks at reviews or personal experiences while buying any product or choosing a service provider. In the healthcare sector, the value of personal stories is amplified. You can ask patients or customers to share their experiences with other readers as healthcare blog topics.  

15) Cardio vs Strength Training: Find The Perfect Balance

There are many who swear by cardio while others swear by strength training to lose weight and stay fit. In reality, both are important. Help your readers find the perfect balance between the two in a wellness blog post. 

16) Diet vs Exercise: Which One Requires More Focus?

When it comes to losing weight, there are two paths - exercise or diet. A combination of the two promises to give the best results. Help your readers find the ideal amount of exercise and the best diet for their needs.  

17) X Points To Remember While Choosing A Diet

With a plethora of diets in the market and each promising to deliver quick and lasting results, it is easy to get confused. Guide your readers so that they can identify the diet that works best for them. 

18) Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are here to stay and every fitness enthusiast has one. You can create blog posts that guide your readers in selecting the right model and even compare a few models.

19) A Beginner's Guide To Meal Planning 

Meal planning is the easiest way to stick to a diet and eat healthily. However, it may seem daunting to beginners. Help your readers understand the benefits of meal planning and guide them through the process. 

Bottom Line

These health and wellness blog topics are just the tip of the iceberg in content marketing for health and wellness brands. Try to focus on topics in health and wellness that are pertinent to your products or services to get the best outcome and attract the right audience.

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