4 Types of Sales Video That Convert

updated on 21 May 2021

It’s no longer a secret that videos have now become a powerful weapon most marketers use to attract and engage their target customers in no time. It makes sense, though, as more and more internet users are attached to online videos. 

So, it should come as no surprise that videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022.

From explainer videos to customer testimonial videos, marketers are investing more time and budget to create different types of videos to achieve different goals. Among tons of marketing videos out there, there’s one engaging type that is now taking the center stage in the video marketing field: sales videos.

Sales videos have become a must-have sales strategy for salespeople to close more deals and increase their business' conversion rate. Basically, it has revolutionized the way they sell and approach their prospects.

In this article, we’ll get more in-depth about some essential type of sales video that converts and best practices of how you can create high-converting ones for your business.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Sales Videos?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details about the popular type of sales videos, we need to ensure that we understand the definition of the sales video in the first place.

So, the sales video we’re going to talk about a lot in this post is the video that is purposely created to pitch your products or services or even ideas to your prospects. 

You can say that this type of video has one top priority: selling a product or service.

Of course, sales videos don't have to be all pushy, like you force your prospects to buy your product or service. People don't enjoy being sold. That's why you need to tell them an intriguing story and give them reasons to invest in your product through videos.

4 Popular Types of Sales Video That Increase Your Conversion Rate

You understand that blatantly asking your prospects to purchase from your brand using sales videos won't get you anywhere. And this time, we're going to break down some high-performing types of sales videos that help you close more deals without making your prospects uncomfortable.

So, what are those types of sales videos that are proven to convert new customers into loyal ones? 

Here you go:

#1. Personalized Pitch Videos

Personalized pitch videos are one of the most popular types when it comes to sales videos. The reason is that it provides a more meaningful viewing experience for the prospect. 

This type of sales video allows you to have a 1-to-1 conversation with the prospect. You talk to them as they’re in front of you, face-to-face. That's what makes personalized pitch videos more engaging as they create a person-to-person connection.

Your prospects will get your point in no time if you’re talking directly to them just like a human. And another good news is that personalized pitch videos are quick and easy to create. 

You don’t need all those fancy equipment or lighting sets. Simply recording yourself talking with your smartphone cameras will do.

#2. Product Videos

Product videos are pretty much about highlighting the features and benefits of your product. It allows you to show the real appearance of your products (if it’s tangible or physical) and/ or show how it works (if it’s intangible; like cloud computing products, travel services, consulting, etc.). 

You can say that product videos are ideal for showcasing your unique selling points and gain prospect’s trust in no time. With this type of sales video, the prospect knows what to expect from what you sell as they can know what the product looks like. They can also get a solid understanding of how your product or service will benefit them in some ways.

One thing you need to remember here, though. Make sure you focus on the benefits it will give to the audiences rather than creating an hour-long presentation about techy names of the features that your prospects could not familiar with.

#3. Whiteboard Animated Videos

Do you ever have very complicated and complex ideas that you want to pitch to your prospects? You can use whiteboard animated videos to help you with that. 

This type of animation is often used in explainer videos, but it would make a good fit for your sales video campaigns too.

By providing your prospects a well-crafted whiteboard animated video, you can put them instantly on a learning mode. It puts people in a good mood which helps them learn and retain the information much better.

Not to mention that simple graphics and animations backed up with intriguing voice-over also make the even complex information easy to digest. The combination of stunning hand-drawn visuals and intriguing storytelling appeal to all our senses and the way the animations draw keeps the prospects interested to see what will happen next.

#4. Screen Share Videos

When it comes to sales prospecting, it’s always better to show than tell. Your prospects couldn’t care less to hear you bragging about how great your products or services are. They only want to see how it helps them and makes their lives a bit easier.

Screen share videos are such an excellent option especially if you want to pitch intangible products like software, new features, even promotional strategies, and more. It makes it easier for you to show the prospect the intricacies of product type within your control.

Not so many sales reps use this powerful type of video. It means that using it now lets you come out of a cliché marketing approach and make a great, memorable impression for your prospects.

Wrapping Up

It’s better to produce different types of sales videos to cater to different communications styles and preferences. And those four types of sales videos mentioned above can help you kickstart your sales pitch campaigns.

But, it might sound daunting and back-breaking, doesn’t it?

However, thanks to the internet, now you have almost limitless and endless options for tools or apps that make it super simple to record and send short and engaging sales videos. It means that you don’t have to spend a fortune and give too much effort just to produce your own sales video. 

The key here is that you have to understand that your sales pitch can make or break the deal. So, it’s crucial to have your points nailed down before you start creating your sales videos. This way, you can create short and straightforward sales videos that are easy to understand for your prospects.


Natasha Rei

Natasha Rei is the Digital Marketing Manager of Explainerd, an explainer video production agency. She ensures strategic goals are met by directing online and social media campaigns.

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