5 SaaS Companies With A Great Content Marketing Strategy

updated on 21 May 2021

For a B2B company, content marketing for SaaS can dip on the boring side too often, and quickly. The internet has a range of generic newsletters, similar whitepapers, and blog posts that fail to offer valuable advice or drive sales.If you are also struggling to modify your SaaS content marketing strategy to get some conversions, then you are not alone. Many SaaS providers and B2B companies struggle to create engaging and useful content.

However, content marketing is the go-to option for SaaS companies. Approximately, 93% of B2B companies utilize SaaS content marketing to drive engagement and conversions.

But, to actually receive any benefit out of this investment, you need to create content for your users, not just for your brand. There’s a thin line between generating content that is valuable to your viewer and content that only talks about your brand.

Once you start focusing on the former, you can start influencing customer purchase patterns, organic searches, and the quality of leads.

In the following discussion, we have discussed 5 SaaS brands that are creating content that converts. Let’s see what they are doing better.

5 SaaS Companies That Have A Winning Content Strategy

Make your inbound marketing strategy stand out. Here’s how these 5 brands are nailing their SaaS content marketing examples.


Moz has always aced its SaaS content marketing strategy, whether it is video content creation, blog posts, or social media content. The brand’s unique content marketing has improved its visibility and truly made Moz one of the best tools for SEO strategies.

Have a look at the website home page of Moz -

Apart from the training sessions, workshops, and informative SEO guides, Moz consistently produces quality content. In fact, they have a range of influencers who add to their credibility and promote the reliability of their brand.

Here are the two things that you need to check about Moz’s content strategy -

  • YouMoz is a blog by Moz where anyone can submit content related to SEO. If this blog is approved, it is available for the entire community.
  • Moz’s blog, which delivers unique knowledge related to SEO strategy. As a beginner, you can learn a lot about SEO from Moz’s blog.


When you get free analytics from Google, why would you purchase a premium tool for this purpose?

That’s where Kissmetrics stands out. The reason why Kissmetrics was able to generate traffic and improve conversions on their product is that co-founder Neil Patel focused on the content strategy. A strategy that helps customers and their business models.

Since the blog is so focused and dedicated to valuable topics, they have segmented their topics so that readers can easily find relevant content. For example, e-commerce, conversions, sales, etc.

Kissmetrics is able to generate valuable and converting content because they receive content pieces from industry experts and influencers. In fact, Kissmetrics regularly collaborates with influencers to conduct webinars. This provides deep insights to users, which is one of the reasons for their success.


HubSpot is a powerful CRM product, which is focused on helping you succeed and grow. If you look at it, HubSpot is unbeatable.

If you go on to Google Search right now and search ‘Marketing CRM’, then HubSpot would show up in top searches.

What is HubSpot doing differently?

They know their audience, which is why their content marketing for SaaS is amazing. They use dedicated insights to understand user needs, which also helps them figure out what customers want before users themselves know it.

For instance, they know that their audience likes Facebook, so they consistently roll out video content to help users understand marketing, sales, and similar topics.

Check how creative this video is.

Here’s another one.

In the first video, HubSpot used the Marvel brand to deliver valuable content to its users.

If you look carefully, HubSpot is not just a SaaS platform now. It’s the first option marketers use to gain tips and tricks. If you need to know something about SaaS marketing strategy and sales, HubSpot probably has a blog about it.


With Buffer, businesses can schedule social media posts and analyze the performance of these posts. This tool is designed to help you manage every social account centrally.

But, you may be wondering that we already have Hootsuite for this. Then how does Buffer get its users?

Their go-to strategy is to send user surveys, find out topics of interest, and then offer content on it. For this reason, you will find blogs on a range of topics, which are not even on social media. Buffer is a brand that truly delivers what users want to know. For example, blogs on psychology, healthy eating, and travelling.


CoSchedule provides a calendar and editorial tool to marketers and business owners. They have an innovative SaaS content marketing strategy. The website has many posts from guest bloggers and influencers.

The company usually creates long-form blogs that are packed with videos, graphics, visuals and every other element that engages users.

If you check this blog and scroll without reading the content, you can still understand what they are trying to say (because of the graphics and visuals). This way, CoSchedule is catering to the requirements of every type of user.

Over To You

There’s no boring domain or industry, there’s only boring, repetitive content. If you tweak your B2B SaaS marketing approach strategically to curate content that is unique, innovative, and valuable, you can ultimately receive the trust of your users. We have already seen how the above 5 SaaS companies have achieved it, so why can’t you?

Focus on your inbound marketing strategy, leave behind monotonous posts, and come up with something new and unique for your brand and product.

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